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Feel free to list your business before the relaunch. Other information subject to updates.
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What’s With The Relaunch?

Prior to the relaunch, we’re making ongoing tweaks. More significant changes will be announced on our Facebook page. The cosmetics of the site aren’t changing, but forthcoming incentives for consumers and businesses to use the site on a regular basis, and the flow of information on the site, are the focus of the changes:

  • 1. New gifts/prizes/rewards/special offers for consumers and listed businesses. Details announced on our Facebook page on an ongoing basis.
  • 2. To give you fresh, up-to-date listings, we’ve stripped away 100 outdated business listings, so businesses can freely and automatically input and update their listing and message, with the Free Listing Form . There’s a one business day buffer that enables us to check for spelling, accuracy, etc..
  • 3. You can freely add/update your business listing today, before, or after the relaunch.

The Niagara Christian Business Directory (NCBD) is the one, free, online business listing service for Niagara Region Christian business people that gives consumers specific reasons to choose their business over the competition – and rewards consumers for taking action.

No cost, no obligation.  As Christian business people prosper, so does the church.  With some 335 churches in Niagara Region, there’s a ton of businesses and consumers who would like to consider doing business with one another.

Who are the Christian business people that you know in Niagara?  Forward them the link to the Free Listing Form.  Each registered business can also receive Free Gifts.

Every Christian business person is eligible for a free, no obligation listing regardless as to the number of businesses in your business category.

Suggestions/Corrections/What Would You Like To See Happen With The Site? 
What would be of greatest value to you?  Type “Website” in the Subject box in the Contact Form.